You Need to Know, Palace Servants of the Yogya Palace Turns Out There Is a Graduation Ceremony

Jakarta – On its website, Tuesday (29/11/2022) the Yogyakarta Palace again held the Abdi Dalem Graduation Ceremony on Thursday Wage, (24/11) or 29 Bakdamulud Ehe 1956. Taking place at Bangsal Kasatriyan, the graduation procession began at 10.00 WIB attended by KPH Wironegoro as Penghageng Parentah Ageng. The procession was carried out after previously for three … Read more

For Caucasians: These are 12 Indonesian Foods You Must Try

Jakarta – Indonesian culinary is well known throughout the world. For foreign tourists who sometimes find it a bit difficult to get used to Indonesian flavors, there are 12 culinary menus that you must try when visiting Indonesia. Reporting from CNN, Tuesday (28/11/2022) the author of the book ‘Flavors of Indonesia: William Wongso’s Culinary Wonders’, … Read more

Both have 125 cc engines, choose Yamaha FreeGo or Suzuki Avenis?

Jakarta – Suzuki again launched a new product in the 125 cc scooter segment called the Avenis 125. Not long after, the scooter made in India immediately received a new challenger from the Yamaha camp, which introduced the facelift product FreeGo at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2022. What is the comparison between these two … Read more

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Motor Performance

Jakarta – The majority of people make motorbikes their mainstay of transportation to support their daily activities. Maintaining and ensuring the prime condition of the motorbike must be carried out by users, so that the motorbike is always in top condition when it is used. Yamaha explained in its official statement, there are three ways … Read more

New Yamaha Grand Filano Launches: Use ABS and Y-Connect, Price around Rp. 27 million

Jakarta – Two-wheeled manufacturer from Japan, Yamaha officially launched Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid new for consumers in Thailand. Even though the price is quite affordable, this classic-style automatic scooter is equipped with a number of contemporary features or technology. Disitat detikOto from Greatbiker, Tuesday (8/11/2022), the Grand Filano Hybrid model year or MY 2023 is … Read more

Quartararo Upset Yamaha M1 2023 Engine Still Slow, but …

Jakarta – Fabio Quartararo tested the 2023 Yamaha YZR-M1 in the 2023 MotoGP test session at the Valencia Circuit, Spain, Tuesday (8/11/2022). The Monster Energy Yamaha rider is annoyed with the new M1 engine which is considered to be less powerful (slow) like the M1 2022. The results of the Valencia test put Mooney VRV6 … Read more