Dealing with Permits, Hundreds of Ships Crowded at Tegal Harbor

Tegal – Hundreds of fishing boats that were sailing were turned back to their home areas in Tegal City, Central Java to take care of permits. As a result, there was a buildup of hundreds of ships at the local fishing port. Monitoring secondsCentral Java at the location, the fishermen from the city of Tegal … Read more

6 Ways to Take Care of a Motorcycle on Nataru’s Vacation

Jakarta – Ahead of the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays, the government urges people to stay at home and stay away from crowds because the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, even though the cases have receded. Of course, this affects the activities of people who are increasingly at home, so that mobility is reduced, … Read more

Famine of Sea Products, Empty Batukaras Fish Auction Place

Pangandaran – The fishermen on Pangandaran Beach experience a period of paila or famine due to the lack of fish catch. This can be seen at the fishing spot on Batukaras Beach, Batukaras Village, Cijulang, Pangandaran Regency which is empty. The manager of the Fish Landing Base (PPI) Yadi Suryadi said, during the paila season … Read more

Manager Talks about Cibubur Chinese Village, which looks lonely

Jakarta – If you visit the Chinese village of Cibubur, you will see that many kiosk buildings are closed and even seem abandoned. Yes, this is as a result of the COVID pandemic. When detikcom visited Kampung China before the Lunar New Year, to be precise on H-1 (31/1), Kampung China Cibubur was very quiet. … Read more

woof! This 6-Star Hotel Only for Dogs

Cape Town – This hotel provides super service with 6 stars. However, only dogs can enjoy it. This is the Superwoof Dog Hotel, a day car and luxury dog ​​hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. The advantage of this hotel is that it pampers dogs with amenities that even human guests dream of. “We really … Read more

Full Gaspol in 2022! Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Starts Trial

Jakarta – Yamaha live full speed in early 2022 by testing its electric scooter, the E01. Previously, the Yamaha E01 was introduced as a concept electric vehicle at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. And after more than two years of development, Yamaha is ready to conduct a road test of this electric scooter. Quoted from … Read more