94 Candidates for Umrah Pilgrims Cancel Departure, Who’s Fault?


Prospective Umrah pilgrims were again made to cry because they did not go. Prospective pilgrims were already waiting at the airport but were not allowed to board the plane.

The Association of Muslim Hajj and Umrah Organizers of the Republic of Indonesia (AMPHURI) is again confused because of the Umrah pilgrims who failed to leave. Unmitigated, the number is 94 people.

“Umrah organizers continue to be victims of failing to leave at Juanda Airport. This morning there were 94 pilgrims who failed to fly using AirAsia because of a miskom,” said Rizky Sembada, Deputy Secretary General of AMPHURI on Thursday. detikTravel.

According to Rizky, the flight should have departed at 05.05 WIB. Prospective pilgrims have gathered at the airport since 02.00 WIB. But while there, there was no sign of the arrival of the Port Health Office (KKP) officers.

KKP officers become the first gate for prospective pilgrims. Their presence is required to stamp the yellow card (meningitis vaccine certificate) of prospective pilgrims.

94 prospective Umrah pilgrims cancel departing at Juanda Airport94 prospective Umrah pilgrims cancel departing at Juanda Airport Photo: (AMPHURI/Special)

“According to data received by the airline, he said he had notified (that there were prospective pilgrims) to the KKP. But the KKP was not there until 04.00 WIB,” he explained.

60 minutes before departure, prospective pilgrims still have not moved from the departure area. Instead, they were asked to go up to the immigration counter.

“The immigration authorities do not want a passport stamp, because there has been no validation from the KKP regarding the yellow card. This is a form of carelessness that is very detrimental to pilgrims and Umrah organizers,” he said.

The KKP finally arrived, but unfortunately the plane had already boarded. The airline raised its hand because this error was considered the fault of the KKP.

“So there is a wrong procedure at KKP which requires airlines to notify KKP if there are passengers who depart for Umrah,” explained Maria Goretti, Head of Public Relations of AMPHURI.

Furthermore, Maria said that currently prospective Umrah pilgrims are still at Juanda Airport. The atmosphere is still tense, because this is not the first time.

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