Acting Governor: West Sulawesi is no longer a remote area


There are still so many areas in Indonesia that are not directly connected to Jakarta. Although there are no direct flights, West Sulawesi stated that it is no longer a remote or remote area.

The expression was spoken by Pj. Governor of West Sulawesi, Akmal Malik. He expressed his appreciation for Kemenparekraf’s support for the revival of creative tourism in his region.

“The presence of the Minister for us is a stimulant, we show the world and other regions that West Sulawesi is no longer a remote area,” he said at the 2022 Manakarra Fair, Thursday (14/7/2022).

“West Sulawesi will become a supporter of tourism in Indonesia because we have tremendous potential. We ask for continued support from the minister,” he added.

Manakarra Fair 2022 MamujuManakarra Fair 2022 in Mamuju (Photo: Kemenparekraf)

On this occasion, Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno opened the 2022 Manakarra Fair located at the Manakarra Beach Pavilion, Mamuju, West Sulawesi. It is an annual event from the Mamuju Regency Government, West Sulawesi.

This activity presents various activities such as cultural events, fashion, MSME product exhibitions, music performances, e-sports, and so on motorcycle contest.

The 2022 Manakarra Fair is also one of the activities included in the top 100 Kemenparekraf Nusantara Kharisma Events. Sandiaga said he had seen high optimism from the people of Mamuju.

“I want to give high appreciation to the Mamuju Regency Government. This is a moment of revival, especially in the tourism and creative economy sectors. We are starting to see the spirit of the new economic order that we have created,” he said.

This momentum is very important to be maintained and improved. Moreover, Mamuju Regency has also been hit by several earthquakes.

“The 2022 Manakarra Fair has made it into the top 100 of KEN 2022, this is not easy because curators from abroad also provide assessments. I see this event is not only beautification, but puts forward aspects such as unique selling point, inclusivityand also sustainability,” said Sandiaga.

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