Actions of Caucasians on the Mountain That Make Residents Emotions +62: from Pervert to Naked


Recently again there are Caucasians acting ridiculous by urinating on Mount Bromo. This is not the first time Caucasians have acted in the mountains.

Indonesia is indeed rich in tourism and makes people from all over the world want to come here. In addition to the beauty of the beach, the mountains in Indonesia are also very beautiful.

However, the beauty of Indonesia is tarnished by the inappropriate behavior of foreign and domestic tourists. has summarized, Thursday (15/9/2022) the behavior of Caucasians or foreign tourists in the mountains that infuriated Indonesian citizens.

Here’s the silly behavior of Caucasians in the mountains of RI:

1. Caucasians urinate on Mount Bromo

This German-speaking Caucasian openly peed on Mount Bromo and posted it on Instagram This action made everyone angry because Mount Bromo is a sacred mountain.

For the Tengger people, Mount Bromo is not an arbitrary mountain. This mountain is sacred because it is closely related to their ancestors, Joko Seger and Roro Anteng.

Naughty tourists pee on Mount BromoNaughty tourists pee on Mount Bromo Photo:

For this reason, people who travel to Bromo are advised not to do bad things. The Tenggerese say, the sea of ​​sand and the crater of Mount Bromo is a sacred or sacred place.

The real names of the tourists who injured Indonesia’s leading destinations are not yet known. In the uploaded video, there is only an explanation that Mount Bromo is a famous destination and very fun to explore using a trail bike.

In the bio on his account, he will return to Vienna, Austria in the near future. Because of that, he has now deleted or maybe archived the post that sparked the controversy and the description in the bio. Not only that, the comment field has also been turned off.

2. Naked Caucasians on Mount Batur

Viral video posted by the account @mind_body_healer, the owner is Jeff Craigen. Of the many posts, there is a video reel that is quite disturbing. Jeff danced naked while singing against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

He dances to movements and songs that are thought to be part of a Maori ritual from New Zealand. Jeff allegedly shot the video himself. In the video, he is also seen censoring his genitals.

“When you strip naked without shame and be seen, you become fearless child of God,” Jeff wrote in the video.

Jeffrey Craigen, Canadian Caucasians who dance naked on Mount Batur.Jeffrey Craigen, Canadian Caucasians who dance naked on Mount Batur. Photo: Doc. Bali Regional Office of Law and Human Rights

“Truly, I tell you, until you become as innocent as a child, take off your clothes and trample on them, you will not be fearless and you will not enter the kingdom of God. These are the words of Jesus. This journey is all about what visible, and let the shame go to enjoy our wholeness,” added the long-haired man.

Jeff claims to be a practitioner of traditional medicine. The location where Jeff danced naked is thought to be at the top of Mount Batur, Bali. Mount Batur is a mountain that is considered sacred to the Balinese people

Furthermore, there are lecherous Caucasians in the Mount Batur area.