Amazed by the Snow at Trans Snow World Surabaya, Governor Khofifah: Similar to the Original


Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa attended the opening of Trans Icon Mall Surabaya. Khofifah also tried a snow game, Trans Snow World Surabaya. Khofifah was amazed because the snow was like real.

As observed by detikJatim, Khofifah was invited by the Chairman of CT Corp Chairul Tanjung to try this snow ride. Khofifah was accompanied by CT’s wife, Anita Ratnasari Tanjung to the East Java Police Chief Inspector General Nico Afinta.

The invited guests were also seen competing for photos together in the Snow World Trans Icon Mall Surabaya area. There, they tried firsthand the cold temperature of 5°C in the style of winter in Sakura Country.

CT also shows every type of vehicle available. “Well, if this one is for toddlers, ma’am,” CT said to Khofifah, Friday (5/8/2022).

After opening Trans Icon Mall, Chairman of CT Corp Chairul Tanjung opened Trans Snow World Surabaya, Friday (5/8/2022).After opening Trans Icon Mall, Chairman of CT Corp Chairul Tanjung opened Trans Snow World Surabaya, Friday (5/8/2022). Photo: Deny Prastyo Utomo/detikJatim

Before entering the rides, invited guests were given thick jackets typical of winter abroad. In addition, the invited guests were also given special shoes.

Just like enjoying the snow in Japan, the invited guests also wore head coverings and gloves. Next, they entered the Trans Snow World. Inside the Snow World area, the Governor to the Kapolda tried the cold snow directly.

Khofifah also had time to enjoy the cable car ride or chair lift.

“Similar to the original, yes, very cold too,” said Khofifah.

Trans Icon Mall Surabaya has Trans Snow World which will become one of the family’s favorite tourist destinations in the City of Heroes. Carrying the theme of the winter season in Japan, Trans Snow World Surabaya invites visitors to play in the snow while seeing the view of Mount Fuji, a typical Japanese house and also beautiful cherry blossoms.

Then, there is Female Daily Studio, one of the most complete beauty shops in Indonesia. Female Daily Studio which can be enjoyed by visitors from 5-8 August 2022.

There is also a METRO Department Store Trans Icon Mall Surabaya on the ground floor. METRO presents a collection of Cosmetic & Fragrance, Ladies Fashion, Intimate & Lingerie, Ladies Shoes, Bags and Accessories.

Trans Icon Mall Surabaya is also located in a strategic integrated commercial area. Trans Icon Mall Surabaya is located in a complete integrated commercial area, which also includes Bank Mega, The Trans Luxury Hotel, and The Trans Icon Surabaya apartment.

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