Another Yamaha Rider Troubled, Quartararo: Not My Business


Fabio Quartararo doesn’t want to bother with the difficulties his fellow Yamaha riders have experienced in MotoGP this season. For the man from France, it is none of his business.

Quartararo is the only Yamaha rider competing at the top of the 2022 MotoGP standings. Meanwhile, the fates of Franco Morbidelli, Andrea Dovizioso, and Darryn Binder are 180 degrees different.

As a fellow factory rider, Morbidelli has only collected 18 points from the six series that have been held. Meanwhile, Dovizioso and Binder who were in the Yamaha RNF satellite team were even more pathetic.

Dovizioso has just collected eight points, while Binder has six points. Compare that to Quartararo who is at the top of the standings with 89 points, and has won one win and three podiums so far.

Yamaha’s motorcyclists have complained about this season, including Quartararo himself. Dovizioso even had time to say that only Quartararo’s riding style can help maximize the speed of the Yamaha motorcycle this season.

This is certainly a plus point for Quartararo. However, the reigning MotoGP champion does not feel that he has benefited, because he has also finished in the middle three times, namely in MotoGP Qatar (9), Argentina (8), and the United States (7).

Therefore, he does not want to deal with the problems of other riders, even if they are teammates. Like last season, he only wants to focus on his achievements this season.

“I was surprised myself to be leading the standings last week (after MotoGP Portugal), because apart from in Mandalika, the conditions… not a disaster, but because I finished seventh, eighth, ninth, then finished second, then I won (in Portugal), ” said Quartararo, quoted by Motorsport.

“Indeed in the end I always finish in the top 10, and these kind of races where you need to do your best to take 3-5 points more than you need, it makes the points achieved very important.”

“But to be honest I’ve been racing to the limit and can’t be more than that at every moment. It’s true that the other Yamaha riders struggled a lot, but in the end it’s none of my business.”

“I’ve been busy thinking about how to get this bike to be fast. So I just take care of myself,” explained Quartararo.