Anti Loneliness, Filipino Tourists Vacation With Wife Faced Pillow


This male tourist from the Philippines has a unique way of getting rid of loneliness while on vacation. He brought a pillow with a picture of his wife’s face.

The man’s name was Raymond, who went viral because he was on vacation while carrying a pillow with his wife’s face. Raymond himself was supposed to go on vacation with his wife to Coron, Palawan.

Unfortunately, his wife, Joanne, suddenly couldn’t come. Joanne, who works as a freelance model, was suddenly called to work. Inevitably, Joanne also canceled her vacation plans with her husband.

Filipino tourist on vacation with wife-faced pillowFilipino tourist on vacation with wife-faced pillow. Photo: Facebook Raymond Tan Fortunado

With all the plans already made, Raymond decided to continue his vacation. Even though there was no wife accompanying him, he still left.

Uniquely, Raymond has a wedding vow in which he must take his wife wherever he goes. With Joanne absent on the trip, Raymond then brought Joanne a face pillow as a substitute.

Raymond then shared his vacation moments with the pillow on social media. This caught the attention of netizens because the wife’s pillow he brought showed a funny expression. The pillow is also really taken anywhere, from sunbathing to swimming.

In one video, Raymond shows how the pillow goes into the trunk and is invited to travel like a human. This is also a separate entertainment for people at the airport.

Filipino tourist on vacation with wife-faced pillowFilipino tourists vacation with wife-faced pillows. Photo: Facebook Raymond Tan Fortunado

There was also a moment when they were on the plane. Then there was also the moment when the pillow was also checked for body temperature as a condition of compliance with health protocols.

This content is so entertaining, both for Raymond and netizens. What is clear, Raymond can treat his loneliness by taking a vacation with his beloved wife’s face pillow.

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