Appearing More Tough, Automatic Motors Equipped with a Series of Quality Features


Automatic motorbikes or scooters are still the choice of some Indonesian people. In addition to the affordable price, the scooter is a motorbike that is easy and comfortable to ride for active riders.

Launching from CNBC Indonesia, in 2021 the automatic motorcycle segment won the national motorcycle sales with a market share of 87.58%. The rest is occupied by the duck segment by 6.30% and the sports segment by 6.12%.

One of the scooters in Indonesia is the Yamaha Gear 125 which was released at the end of 2020. Presented to fill the scooter market in the 125 cc class, it is considered suitable for the lifestyle of young people because of its sporty, tough and modern appearance.

When it was first released in 2020, Yamaha did provide a tough design DNA and prioritized functionality (utility) for the rider. The tough design is still visible in the current new look, it even looks more modern thanks to the combination of colors and the latest designs.

Literally, Yamaha Gear has a pretty good meaning. GEAR can be interpreted as a meaningful tool or tool as a reliable means of transportation to become a partner thanks to its complete features, design, and technology.

This scooter also carries 3 basic concepts that form the foundation. The first is the latest design with a tough and sporty appearance. This can be seen on the side protector on the side and also the LED lights to make it look more sporty.

The next concept is various innovations that make this motorbike able to load some luggage. Such as a large capacity front rack that can be adjusted and an additional double hook at the front.

There are also innovative footrests that are flexible and can be adjusted as desired. This makes the position of the rider’s feet more comfortable and free even when carrying a lot of goods while driving. The last concept is technological sophistication and completeness of features on the Yamaha Gear 125.

Carrying the concept as a ‘Multipurpose Matic’, the Yamaha Gear 125 appears with a blend of modern graphics and a touch of new colors that make it look fresher. As in the standard version, Yamaha provides 5 color options with glossy and matte shades.

The five new color choices include Metallic Cyan, Metallic White with a combination of white with dark blue and yellow graphics, Metallic Red with a combination of red with blue graphics, Matte Olive with shades of olive green, and Metallic Black with a combination of black with yellow graphics.

Yamaha also gives a touch to the Yamaha GEAR S Version with graphic accents combined with gold embossed writing through two main color choices, namely Prestige Silver and Matte Red.

This 125cc Blue Core engine has a kitchen runway that is supported by a 4-stroke, 124.96 cc single-cylinder SOHC engine with an injection combustion system. The Yamaha Gear engine can produce power of 7.0 kW / 8000 rpm and torque of 9.5 Nm / 5500 rpm. With this performance, it makes the rider win a lot because it must be strong, definitely climb, definitely economical & definitely cool.

The dimensions are also quite slim, as it has a length x width x height: 1,870mm x 685mm x 1060mm. The wheelbase is 1,260mm, with a seat height of 750mm and ground clearance of 160mm. The sporty appearance can also be seen from the slim body and sharp sharp lines.

Yamaha GEAR 125 has also been equipped with Smart Motor Generator (SMG) technology which makes a smooth starter sound when the motor is turned on and Stop & Start System (SSS) which provides powerful and economical driving performance.

It’s more practical with the Electric Power Socket to charge the cellphone battery while driving. Completeness of other features, namely the Yamaha GEAR 125 has used a tubeless rear tire with a wide tread.

Cool again, this motorbike has excellent features like a premium scooter, such as the Answer Back System feature which is specifically on the Gear 125 S to find the motorbike when in the parking lot, LED headlights and hazard lights.

Supporting Yamaha GEAR 125 riders who are active and have a busy daily routine, Yamaha also provides reminder service facilities, dealer locations and facilities, product information, activities, and promotions through the My Yamaha App.

In the market, the Yamaha GEAR 125 for the S-version type is sold for Rp. 18,150,000 while the Standard type is sold for Rp. 17,395,000, all for OTR.