Are There Price Scratch Traders in Thailand? The answer…

Chiang Mai

The phenomenon of price-picking traders to tourists has often occurred in Indonesia. Then, do similar bad things also often happen in Thailand?

The answer is yes, there have been. Our guide from Chiang Mai, Masukree Kueteh, confirmed this. detikTravel together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) traveled to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok last week.

So, traders who like to knock prices have two benchmark prices. For foreign tourists will be given a higher price compared to local tourists.

“There used to be. It’s a night market style, right? It has two prices,” said Masukree.

“For Caucasians, the price is so much, it can be 200 compared to local ones, only 100,” he added.

Night Bazaar in Chiang MaiNight Market in Chiang Mai (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

However, Masukree said, the traders who were asking the price were not Thai. They come from neighboring countries, namely Myanmar to Laos.

“But the people selling them are not Thai. They are foreigners, people from Myanmar to Laos,” he said.

Then, is there still behavior that makes the traveler feel uneasy? Masukree said that rogue traders who charge prices no longer exist because local residents do not like this activity and the government is moving to control it.

So, even though there is a difference in price, it must be based on the location of purchase.

“But now it’s okay or not. The prices here are the same, it’s been regulated. Because word of mouth prices are damaged and Chiang Mai people don’t like them either,” he said.

“The government also controls the middle price. But our price is at the night market because the rent is quite expensive, maybe the product is the same. Outside the city it’s 100 baht and at the night market it can be 150 baht because of different places,” he said.

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