Australian Tourist Gets Prank in Bali, Drinking Pool Water Leads to Stomach Pain


An Australian tourist named Isaac Power became the victim of a prank while on vacation to Bali. He drank raw water from the pool of his villa, resulting in severe stomach pain.

Isaac shared a photo of himself drinking raw water that came out of a hose in the swimming pool of the villa he rented while on vacation in Bali. Allegedly Isaac was challenged by his friends to drink the pool water.

He then shared the photo on the Bali Bogans Facebook group which contains Australian tourists who are on vacation, even living in Bali. Isaac was not the only one who shared the photo.

In the next photo, Isaac shared another photo showing himself being examined by a doctor. Apparently, after drinking the pool water, Isaac suffered from a severe stomach ache known as the ‘Bali Belly’ disease.

“Thanks to doctor Ari, I’m still alive,” Isaac said in the Facebook group.

Aussie Tourist Gets PrankAussie Tourist Gets Prank Photo: Facebook

Isaac’s post in the Facebook group, of course, provoked reactions from other travelers. In total there are more than 1,000 comments entered. Most of them felt sorry for Isaac.

But on the other hand they also feel comforted, while hoping Isaac can learn from his mistakes. There are even travelers who call Isaac a ‘Rookie’ aka a beginner who is still clueless.

“You must be a beginner who is drinking Balinese water for the first time,” commented one traveler.

“OMG, you drank that water, haha… I think we’ve all experienced it,” replied another traveler.

“Everything looks fun, until you defecate continuously,” replied another.

Isaac’s stomach ache is known among Australian tourists as the ‘Bali Belly’. The cause of Bali Belly disease can come from bacterial contamination found in water or food consumed by travelers.

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