Bagnaia predicts a tight race with Quartararo


Ducati Riders, Francesco Bagnaiamentioning one opponent who will become a fierce opponent in Spanish MotoGP 2022. He is Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo.

The sixth race of the 2022 MotoGP takes place at the Jerez circuit, Spain, Sunday (1/5/2022) night WIB. The race will start at 19.00 WIB.

Bagnaia will start from first position in the MotoGP race in Spain 2022. He recorded a time of one minute 36.170 seconds. The record time was 0.453 seconds faster than Quartararo in second position.

For Bagnaia, this is the first time that he has won pole position in MotoGP 2022. Bagnaia has still not been able to achieve maximum results in five races, the best of which is fifth in the United States MotoGP and the Portuguese MotoGP.

With a big chance to get the first win tonight, Bagnaia predicts a tight battle with Quartararo. El Diablo has won once in the Spanish MotoGP in 2020.

“Obviously Favio, this track is his track. He is always competitive, very strong. Compared to yesterday, we have a little gap with him in terms of speed,” said Bagnaia at Autosport.

“FP4 is very good for me in terms of speed and consistency. So we will be able to have a good fight tomorrow.”

“But, it’s still too early to make predictions, Fabio was very fast throughout the week and the race conditions are always a little different. So, we have to wait for tomorrow,” Bagnaia added.

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