Beaten by Quartararo in MotoGP Austria 2022, Miller: I’m Like a Granny


Fabio Quartararo performed a deadly maneuver to overtake Jack Miller on lap 25 of the Austrian 2022 MotoGP. Beaten by a Yamaha rider, Miller said he was like a granny.

The thirteenth series of MotoGP 2022 is presented at the Red Bull Ring Circuit, Spielberg, Austria (21/8/2022). Ducati won again at this favorite circuit with their flagship rider, Francesco Bagnaia.

Not monotonous, this race was also marked by overtake actions from top racers. One of the highlights was the overtake action of the Monster Energy Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo.

Fabio Quartararo Photo: Getty Images/Mirco Lazzari gp

Quartararo made an extreme maneuver on the new chicane (turn 2a-2b) of the Red Bull Ring Circuit to overtake Ducati’s Jack Miller, who was in second place at the time.

Fabio Quartararo managed to overtake Miller from the outside of Turn 2a, to then bend his bike back to the deepest side of Turn 2B. The French racer also gained momentum and was able to avoid the pursuit of Jack Miller and Jorge Martin.

Responding to Quartararo’s action overtaking him, Miller was quite surprised by Quartararo’s sudden maneuver. As he watched the rerun of the action, Miller felt himself very slow when overtaken, much like an old man who lost his speed.

“I was surprised how quickly he (Quartararo) passed me there,” Miller said Crash, Tuesday (23/8/2022). “Watching the show again, I felt like I was going at the speed of a granny,” Miller continued.

Miller continued to add, he did not want to serve the action. Because at that time Quartararo was in high confidence and on the other hand Miller admitted he was suffering a lot on the left side.

“I didn’t want to put (the bike with) the angle too fast, because every time I did it I would lose (the grip on) the front,” he said again.

“He (Quartararo) really attacked and was able to finish it. That was impressive.”

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