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The royal family is still awake and holds the tradition so one of the main tourist attractions of England. This brings huge income from tourism.

Family United Kingdom has lasted more than a thousand years. Now they are in their 37th generation. In the midst of the modern era, the British Empire has managed to maintain and maintain the various traditions that they have held so far.

The uniqueness and thickness of the traditions and lifestyle of the royal family are often in the spotlight. Not only by the people of England and the Commonwealth of Nations, but also by the people of the world. It is also one of the main tourist attractions of England.

Reported from UK Independent, every year the royal family manages to bring in millions of Pounds sterling from the tourism sector. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the royal family’s property revenue from admissions alone was nearly £49.9 million.

This amount only comes from ticket sales. According to Forbes, Windsor Castle alone is estimated to be worth 19 billion Pounds sterling. With such a highly valued property, Windsor Castle could help bring in hundreds of millions to the UK economy just from tourist visits.

A Peek at the Magnificence of Windsor Castle The Residence of the Kings of EnglandWindsor Castle. Photo: Getty Images

Between April 2021 and March 2022 alone there were about 426,000 visitors to Windsor Castle and Frogmore House. With ticket prices priced at 26.50 Pounds Sterling for adult visitors from Sunday to Friday.

In addition to these two properties, the residences and other properties of the British royal family such as Buckingham Palace, Royal Mews, Clarence House, Holyroodhouse Palace and the Queen’s Gallery also bring in significant income.

This income does not only come from ticket sales. In various destinations, the royal family also sells various souvenirs, knick-knacks, and gifts.

Apart from tourist visits to official residences, tourism revenue also comes from royal collections and royal properties (Crown estate).

Collection United Kingdom known as one of the most valuable collections in the world. In addition to seeing directly the residence of the British royal family, many tourists also visit to see the royal collection.

Based on published annual data, in 2019-2020 there were 3,285,000 people who visited the official residence of the royal family. Bring in around 49,859,000 Pound sterling or around Rp. 849 billion.

Then from the trade side, sales of souvenir shops from the royal collection reached 19,983,646 Pounds Sterling, or around Rp. 340.2 billion in one year. If added together, the total tourist revenue from visits to the residence of the royal family reached 71,526,000 Pound sterling (Rp 1.2 trillion) in one year.

Overall, each year the British royal family’s brands contribute around £2.5 billion to the UK economy. Meanwhile, the cost of taxpayers for the royal family is 500 million Pounds per year.

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