Bunaken Starts Crowded, Domestic Tourists Dominate


Bunaken, which is the pride of North Sulawesi national park, had bad luck during the pandemic. But now, Bunaken is trying to get up again.

Bunaken National Park has long been a popular tourist destination in the world. The underwater beauty has also been praised by the world.

In the post-pandemic period, Bunaken is starting to get back on its feet. This can be seen from the activity of the ship pacing back and forth.

Caucasians began to appear. However, domestic tourists are no less crowded.

Bunaken has always been dominated by international tourists. The beauty of coral reefs and beaches makes Bunaken more exclusive to divers.

But the pandemic changed everything. After the international border closed, Bunaken began to be crowded by domestic tourists.

“It started to get crowded after Idul Fitri last year,” said Niklas Tamamekeng, a tour guide at Bunaken on Thursday. detikTravelFriday (12/8).

Bunaken is starting to be visited by domestic touristsBunaken began to be visited by domestic tourists. Photo: Bonauli/detikcom

One of the best-selling is a trip to the islands. Niklas said that Bunaken is now dominated by domestic tourists.

“Locals from Jakarta, Java, Bandung, Makassar. Many of Sulawesi are from Tomohon and Tondano,” he said.

According to Niklas, there are around 100 domestic tourists entering Bunaken National Park per day. This number is a combination of foreign tourists and domestic tourists.

“They mostly trip 3 islands to Siladen, Nain and Bunaken. They just take pictures,” he said.

Unlike tourists. Niklas said that tourists must stay at Bunaken. The duration also varies, but at least two weeks.

“But when compared to before the pandemic, the number is very far. This is maybe only 50 percent,” he explained.

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