Caring for a Motorcycle in the Rainy Season, Here’s How To Make Your Vehicle Not Fussy


Rain began to fall in several areas in Jabodetabek. In the face of the rainy season, motorcycle users must of course be more vigilant when driving on the road. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintenance, so that the condition of the motor is maintained properly.

“Facing rainy conditions, motorbike riders must be more careful when on the road. Not only that, maintaining motorbikes must also be done in the rainy season to avoid conditions that interfere with the function of the motorbike to be used for activities,” said Muslian, Manager of Main Dealer Service. Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers, in an official statement.

Here are tips for motorcycle maintenance during the rainy season:

1. Keeping the motorbike clean

It is recommended that the motor is rinsed after being exposed to rain. In addition to making the condition cleaner and pleasing to the eye, the other goal is to avoid the interference of sand or dirt that can damage the components on the motorcycle. Cleaning the motor after being exposed to rain water also aims to prevent the iron and metal components in the motorbike from being attacked by rust or corrosion.

2. Check the chain (specifically the chain drive motor)

Due to exposure to rain, the chain dries quickly and is easy to rust, therefore, if it has been exposed to rain, it is best to check the chain and lubricate it with a special chain lubricant.

3. Check the spark plug

If the motor is forced to pass through a fairly high puddle, you should make sure the engine is off. But if you’ve already passed the puddle which resulted in the motor breaking down, then there could be a problem in the ignition system. Check the spark plugs, spark plug heads, and spark plug caps. And if it has been exposed to water, it is recommended to remove the spark plug head and then clean and dry it, then reinstall it.

4. Tires

Check tire condition and tire tread pattern by checking tire air pressure. It is hoped that the condition of the tire pressure is not too high and not too low and make sure the tires are not bald to avoid sliding which endangers the rider during the rainy season.

5. Muffler

If you pass through a puddle of water, especially one that is high enough to cause water to enter the exhaust, the motor can break down. And if the exhaust has entered and is submerged in water, it is advisable not to immediately start the motor. You can contact the nearest repair shop to handle it.

6. Brake lining

If the brake pads are exposed to rain, especially with a long enough intensity, it will cause a sound. For maintenance, it is quite easy, namely by removing the components and then drying and cleaning. If the brake lining is worn out, it should be replaced. However, if consumers do not understand how to remove these components, they can visit the nearest workshop.