South Nias Has Examples of Food Resistant Tourist Destinations

Jakarta – Nias Islands turns out to have tourist destinations with fairly strong food security. The traveler already knows the location? The name is Hilisimaetan√∂ Tourism Village. The village has the largest rice field area in South Nias, so the potential to become an agro-tourism area is very large. “Now we are very worried about … Read more

Flight Tickets to Australia Starting from IDR 8.8 Million? Check It Out!

Jakarta – Travelers who have missed the land of Kangaroos, there is an interesting offer from AntaVaya. What’s that? AntaVaya in collaboration with Qantas Airways and Tourism Australia has a special promo for purchasing tickets to Australia. This is to welcome back Indonesian tourists visiting Australia. Promo flight tickets to Australia from Antavaya Photo: (AntaVaya) … Read more

The World’s Largest Floating Restaurant Is Drowning Into the Ocean

Jakarta – The world’s largest floating restaurant is now sinking. The location is in Hong Kong. Reported BBC, (21/6/2022), a floating restaurant that is a famous Hong Kong landmark has sunk. It happened days after being pulled by a ship from the port where the restaurant had operated for nearly 50 years. The Jumbo Floating … Read more

Baby Shark Du..Du..Du..Du! You can see it on Taka Bonerate

Selayar – The name of the Taka Bonerate National Park is very popular with world divers. There are many diving spots to meet baby sharks! Taka Bonerate is located in the waters of the Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). Taka Bonerate has the third largest atoll area in the world after Kwajifein in the … Read more

Takziah to Ridwan Kamil’s house, Sandiaga Uno writes a prayer for Eril

Bandung – The departure of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz alias Eril still leaves sorrow. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno also stopped by Ridwan Kamil’s house. The atmosphere of emotion was still felt at the Pakuan Building, Jalan Cicendo No. 1, Bandung City, West Java on Sunday (19/6/2022). Portraits of the deceased and various … Read more

The Solo Palace Has a Special ‘Jalan Tikus’, You Know?

Jakarta – Keraton Solo is rich in historical stories. Only the residents of Solo know that the Solo Palace has a special ‘rat’ path. The palace area does have four main gates known as Lawang Gapit. In addition to these four accesses, there are two other doors that residents often use as alternative roads. The … Read more

German President Stops at Borobudur, what are you doing?

Jakarta – German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier stopped by the Borobudur Temple. He visited the temple after the German government provided assistance for the maintenance of Borobudur. The German President arrived at Borobudur Temple on Friday (17/6/2022) at 09.47 WIB. The group then headed to the Office of the Borobudur Conservation Center (BKB). The group was … Read more