Reprimanded Too Sexy, This Woman Claims to Be Bullied

Jakarta – Disneyland is called the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. But this doesn’t apply to a female tourist named Laci Kay Somers. Laci Kay Somers visits Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA. Instead of feeling happy on vacation there, Somers actually got Body Shaming from Disneyland officials and other visitors. The clothes Somers wore when he … Read more

Get ready! The China-Indonesia Route Will Return to the Air

Jakarta – China began to relax pandemic-era policies. After cutting the quarantine period, China is now ready to fly its tourists to Indonesia. China is the last major country to adhere to a zero-Covid policy. They used rapid lockdowns, mass testing, extensive contact tracing and quarantine to eradicate infections as soon as they emerged. During … Read more

Welcoming Nataru Holidays, There Are Exclusive Packages from Sutasoma Hotel

Jakarta – Welcoming the Christmas and New Year holiday season, Sutasoma Hotel & The Tribrata Darmawangsa prepares exclusive packages for its guests. Throughout this Festive Season Period, ornaments in shades of red, green and gold will decorate Sutasoma Hotel & The Tribrata Darmawangsa in welcoming Christmas and New Year. “A Christmas tree decorated with dazzling … Read more

G20 Welcoming Dinner Menu Leaks at GWK, There is Rendang Wagyu Lampung

Jakarta – Today’s series of events at the G20 Summit closed with a banquet at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Archipelago-style featured menu served for the delegates. Based on detikcom’s monitoring, the invitees started attending GWK at 19.00 WITA. Those who came were delegates to the G20 Summit and state guests, including former Indonesian president Megawati … Read more

Participating in the G20 Program Spouse, Iriana and the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wear Indonesian Clothing

Badung – One of the series on the G20 Summit agenda is the Spouse Program. The program prepared for assistant heads of state of the G20 aims to strengthen communication and socialization between participants and spouses. In this program, First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo together with Indonesian Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Wamenparekraf) … Read more

The Mystery of the 26 Years of the Titanic Finally Solved

Jakarta – An unsolved mystery that has shrouded the wreck of the Titanic for 26 years has finally been solved. How’s the story? Nearly 30 years ago, PH Nargeolet, a veteran pilot of the Nautile submarine tasked with finding where the wreck of the Titanic was, found a puzzle piece, namely the sonar signals that … Read more

Harbolnas 11.11, Happy Crowd at Trans Studio

Jakarta – Still confused about where to go for the weekend? Don’t worry, for those of you who want to vacation this weekend, there is still an interesting promo for Happy Crowd, Harbolnas 11.11 at Trans Studio, get discounts up to 2 times! Get an additional 11% special discount HARBOLNAS 11.11 for the bundling package … Read more

Survey of Indonesian Young People Prefer Foreign Culinary

Jakarta – An astonishing data is revealed. That, today’s young people prefer culinary from other countries. This was revealed by William Wijanarko, CEO of Ultima Asia Network. To reporters, Sunday (11/13/2022), he said that the data was taken from two survey institutions. “Ultima Asia Network and Unilever Indonesia have the same perspective on the culinary … Read more