woof! This 6-Star Hotel Only for Dogs

Cape Town – This hotel provides super service with 6 stars. However, only dogs can enjoy it. This is the Superwoof Dog Hotel, a day car and luxury dog ​​hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. The advantage of this hotel is that it pampers dogs with amenities that even human guests dream of. “We really … Read more

5 Expert Advice for Survival When Lost in the Wild

Jakarta – So many stories of climbers who got lost in the wild in the wilderness. So how do you survive in such a situation? Launch CNN, there have been several incidents of climbers getting lost in the forest. First, after camping in Oregon in May, Harry Burleigh spontaneously decided to explore the trails before … Read more

The Enchantment of 2 Flores Tourism Villages that Won ADWI 2021 Awards

Manggarai – Two tourist villages in Flores have won awards at the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award national event. Here are the charms. Held last Tuesday (7/12/2021), the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy inaugurated a number of the best tourist villages in the country. From … Read more

Important Tips for Boarding or Getting on the Plane Early

Jakarta – It turns out that there are advantages for travelers who enter or board aircraft first. Tips it definitely makes you more comfortable fly. In December, launch Travel+Leisure, Friday (21/1/2022), The Sun dug up a thread on the question and answer site Quora. They come across the conversation of Ashwin Krishnan, a frequent flyer. … Read more