Chairman of the Surabaya DPRD Listens to Modin’s Complaints & Aspirations to Fishermen


The chairman of the Surabaya City DPRD, Adi Sutarwijono, met Surabaya residents from modin to fishermen today. During his visit, Adi met with the Modin Coordinator from Dukuh Pakis Sub-district, Mahfudz.

On this occasion, Mahfudz expressed his gratitude for the realization of their salary increase. The same thing was conveyed by Taufik from Tile and Munaji from Wonokromo. Regarding the increase in honorarium, in the Surabaya City Budget in 2022, the modin’s fee will be Rp. 800 thousand from the previous Rp. 400 thousand.

“We are grateful, finally the Surabaya DPRD and the Mayor agreed to increase our honorarium. We are grateful that the increase has finally been realized,” Mahfudz said in a written statement, Tuesday (12/14/2021).

In addition, Adi also met fishermen from three villages, namely Wonorejo and Medokan Ayu, Rungkut District and Gunung Anyar Tambaki, Gunung Anyar District. One of the fishermen group activists said that the Surabaya DPRD could fight for incentives for fishermen as well as budgets for repairing boats and fishing nets.

This is because in the 2021 Surabaya City Budget amendment, there is a budget for incentives for fishermen’s families who can’t afford it. They are employed for cleaning up the marine and river environment. However, some of them still have not received the incentives.

“But among us there are still those who do not receive incentives. I hope that fishermen from poor families will also be given the same opportunity, so that social jealousy does not occur,” he said.

“And if we can, we will fight for tourist boats and build a market for smoked fish to stimulate the household economy,” he added.

Photo: DPRD Surabaya

Not only fishermen, Adi also met village administrators and residents in Kebraon. They complained about the delay in environmental development, as well as facilities and infrastructure in their environment. The delays in development are caused by public facilities and social facilities in their housing that have not been handed over by the developer.

“The condition of the road is damaged, it is also flooded and dark because there is no PJU,” said Wasino, one of the RT heads.

Responding to this, the chairman of the Surabaya DPRD, Adi Sutarwijono, said that he would bring this issue to a council meeting with the Surabaya City Government.

“Thank you for the input,” said Adi.

Meanwhile, regarding the increase in honorarium, Adi said it was his party’s appreciation for the modins.

“We hope that the service to the community is even better. The increase in honorariums is proof of the attention and appreciation of the DPRD and the Surabaya City Government towards modins, who have worked hard during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he concluded.