Cool! Indonesian Cultural Festival in the United States Attracts Thousands of Visitors


An Indonesian cultural arts festival called Keraton was held on the West Coast, United States. So interesting, this event is able to bring in thousands of visitors.

Keraton is an arts and culture festival that was first held in 2011. This event aims to promote Indonesian cultural identity, especially in Seattle, the capital city of Washington State.

“Congratulations on the 20-year-old biggest Indonesian cultural arts festival held by students on the West Coast of the United States.” said the Indonesian Consul General in San Francisco, Prasetyo Hadi, in his remarks at the opening of the “Kraton 2022” event held by the Indonesian Student Union at the University of Washington (ISAUW) in Seattle, Washington State, United States (US) on May 7, 2022, according to a release received by .

This event features various musical and dance performances, batik fashion, food bazaars and folklore games. This festival was also so attracting attention, that, no less than four thousand visitors packed the performance which was opened from 4 pm to 9 pm.

'Palace' Festival in San Francisco‘Keraton’ Festival in San Francisco Photo: (KJRI San Francisco)

Those who came ranged from students and the Indonesian community as well as local residents to citizens of other countries in the US West Coast region. The performances were performed by students, residents and the Indonesian diaspora as well as traditional Indonesian art groups consisting of local citizens.

“The Consulate General in San Francisco continues to encourage various creative Indonesian artistic activities abroad to further popularize and strengthen the diversity of Indonesian culture to the local community,” said Prasetyo.

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