Crazy! Save 3 Years, This Merchant Buys Xmax Using Rp 2000’s Money


A seller of seasonings, or kitchen spices at Sragen Market, Central Java, Siswanto, was finally able to buy his dream motorbike, the Yamaha Xmax. Surprisingly, Siswanto bought the 250 cc scooter in cash with the denominations he had saved for three years.

“To realize this dream of mine, I am willing to save for three years. Every day I set aside my sales, sometimes Rp. 5,000 or Rp. 10,000, even Rp. 2,000 per day,” explained Siswanto in his official statement, Wednesday (12/8). /2021).

Siswanto bought the Xmax at a Yamaha motorcycle dealer, Kondang Motor Sukoharjo. Siswanto admits that he has been attracted to Xmax since the first time this motorbike was released by Yamaha.

“But because I realized I didn’t have that much money, I kept that dream. Therefore, to realize this dream, I had to save. Every day I had to set aside the proceeds from my sales for savings. Whatever the amount, but I was determined to save every day,” he continued.

Traders in Sragen buy Xmax using small change Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

Meanwhile, Novita Ika Hayuningtyas, Head of the Sukoharjo Kondang Motor Branch, said that she admitted that this was the first time a consumer had bought a motorcycle in cash with the payment of rupiah currency, the value of which varied greatly.

“What Mr. Siswanto did for us is a new experience. How should we calculate the money which is worth Rp. 60 million in cash in various denominations which takes up to 3.5 hours,” said Novita.

From the calculation results, there are Rp 100 thousand denominations, Rp 20 thousand, Rp 10 thousand in Rp 5 thousand denominations to Rp 2 thousand denominations. “The total amount of money we received in IDR 2,000 denominations reached a very large number, IDR 20 million. This proves that Mr. Siswanto is very diligent in saving,” explained Novita.