Dear Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo is still not satisfied with his motorbike…


Fabio Quartararo was not satisfied with the performance of his motorbike when appearing at the Losail Circuit, Qatar. Quartararo admitted that the performance of his motorbike was still less fast than other racers.

In the Qatar MotoGP FP1 and FP2 free practice sessions which were held on Friday (4/3/2022), Quartararo appeared less than satisfactory. In the FP1 session he only finished in 11th position with a time of 1 minute 55,600 seconds. Then in FP2 he was in eighth position with a time of 1 minute 53.906 seconds.

One of the things that Quartararo complains about is the top speed of his motorbike. From the data released by MotoGP, during the FP2 session the top speed of Quartararo’s Yamaha YZR-M1 only reached 343.9 km per hour.

When compared to the GSX-RR 2022 belonging to the Suzuki Ecstar team, the top speed is much higher than the Yamaha. This was proven when Alex Rins managed to rank first in the Qatar MotoGP FP2 session, he also achieved the highest top speed among other riders, which was 355.2 km per hour.

“At first I felt fast in the first two sectors, but we missed something and we need to understand why this happened. We also have to solve this problem because it will not be safe in Q2 qualifying,” Quartararo was quoted as saying by Motorsport.

Monster Energy Yamaha racer Fabio Quartararo spurred the speed of his motorbike on the first day of the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test at Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, Central Lombok, NTB, Friday (11/2/2022). The pre-season test session at the Mandalika circuit will last until Sunday (13/2/2022). ANTARA PHOTO/Andika Wahyu/YU Photo: ANTARA/ANDIKA WAHYU

“I feel like I’ve reached a breaking point, but it’s not really a breaking point. Today I had a hard time because I didn’t understand a number of things, we need to check the data and compare it with the last one (to see) what happened,” he said.

When asked about the top speed deficit, which was quite far from the other racers, El Diablo was not surprised by that. Quartararo hopes that Yamaha can find another way to make the iron horse even faster on the track.

“That’s what I expected to happen. Today was a tough day, to be honest I didn’t feel so good on the bike,” said Quartararo.

“So, we need to find a way to improve it again. But about the speed it is not surprising anymore,” he concluded.

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