Despite their lack of English, Thailand doesn’t lie to tourists

Chiang Mai

It is a fact that Thai workers, including those in the tourism sector, are less proficient in communicating in English. However, they will not lie to tourists.

detikTravel with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) traveled to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok last week. At that moment, we visited Hmong Doi Pui Village Hill Tribe in Chiang Mai and several other destinations.

The Hmong Doi Pui Village Hill Tribe are a Thai tribe who assimilated with the people of Yunnan, China. There, souvenir sellers still have very limited English skills, because they only use their mother tongue or Thai.

“The communication of the people here is really bad. It’s still lacking. Only certain parties can get in town, tuk-tuks and taxis,” said our guide from Chiang Mai, Masukree Kueteh.

“If they are out of town, they don’t understand English. Only city residents understand English,” he added.

So, we can’t bargain without the help of a guide. Even being able to buy their wares, the choice of items we want is very limited because they don’t understand English for other categories of goods.

Hmong Doi Pui Village Hill TribeHmong Doi Pui Village Hill Tribe, Chiang Mai (Photo: Ahmad Masaul Khoiri/detikcom)

However, there are no sellers who lie to tourists here. Because, all merchandise has been given a price tag and if you are lucky and want it, a traveler can bid it under certain circumstances.

Masukree also said that his country’s situation was like that of Japan. Because, there are still so many traders who do not understand everyday conversational sentences in English.

In fact, you could say that Chiang Mai is a resort town. The ability to speak basic English is very necessary because many foreign travelers flock there when and will enter winter.

“It’s just like Japan. That’s a problem, we have to be trained again so that they can improve their abilities,” said Masukree.

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