Don’t Disturb Toprak with Rumors of Moving to MotoGP!


Team Riders Yamaha Pata, Toprak Razgatliogludid not have a good start in the 2022 World Super Bike event. The agent of the Turkish rider, Kenan Sofuoglu, did not want rumors to move to MotoGP annoy the client.

In the three 2022 WSBK races, Toprak has not managed to become a champion. The 25-year-old rider has finished in third place five times, won the second podium three times, and once failed to finish the race.

Toprak’s performance was judged not to reflect the appearance of a world champion. Something disturbed Toprak’s focus at the start of this season.

Toprak reportedly interested in the Yamaha team in MotoGP. Moreover, he will try out the MotoGP bike next month, creating an opportunity to take part in the world’s premier class motorcycle racing event. Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis has said that the opportunity for Toprak is only limited to strengthening the satellite team.

So that Toprak’s focus is not disturbed, Sofouglu, asked the discussion of Toprak to be temporarily suspended. He wants Toprak to focus on completing the 2022 WSBK race as well as possible.

“We still don’t know whether Toprak will like MotoGP bikes or not. But, one thing is very clear and that’s what I said to the Yamaha people: Lin Jarvis talked about Toprak and emphasized that he is interested in him. But the only option for him is him. racing for team B,” Sofouglu told Speedweek.

“I asked the boss of the SBK race, Andrea Dosoli, to tell Yamaha and ask the people in MotoGP to stop talking and confusing him.”

“Toprak didn’t start the season well, not like a champion. He hasn’t won a race yet. So, I don’t want him to be more confused by stories about MotoGP.”

“First of all, Toprak must do well in World Superbike before he moves to MotoGP – if he really wants to.”

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