Dovizioso: Naturally Quartararo Priority Yamaha


Fabio Quartararo still the best rider Yamaha in MotoGP 2022. Therefore, Andrea Dovizioso considers it natural that El Diablo is prioritized.

So far this season’s nine MotoGP races, Quartararo is still the best. The French rider collected 147 points, 25 points ahead of Aleix Espargaro in second place in the 2022 MotoGP standings.

At the start of the season, Quartararo complained that Yamaha was still not fast enough. Starting the race series in Europe, Yamaha showed an improvement in the appearance of the YZR-M1 motorcycle.

Quartararo has already won two. MotoGP Portugal and MotoGP Catalunya which was won by the 24-year-old rider.

The fate of the other Yamaha riders has not changed. In fact, teammates Quartararo at Monster Energy Yamaha, Franco Morbiddelli, only once finished in the top 10.

Even worse is the RNF Yamaha rider, Dovizioso. He has only collected eight points from nine races. Never finished in the top 10.

“Yamaha is trying to improve what Fabio asks. That’s natural and that’s right because he led the World Championship and he won it last year. His priority is this and that is natural,” said Dovizioso at Speedweek.

“The problem is, he asks for a lot of different things than most riders need. Because he can use the potential of the bike in good areas – but other riders don’t.”

“So, we asked for something else. But, what I need is difficult to implement. It is difficult to understand what you need to change. It takes time and money. If I put myself in Yamaha’s position, I would probably make the same decision, ‘ he added.