Dubai in the eyes of Kartika, Beautiful Emirates flight attendant from Indonesia


At the age of 21, Kartika Kasih, an Emirates flight attendant from Indonesia, had to move to Dubai. He also told Dubai and travel recommendations there.

Moving to Dubai at the age of 21 for the first time is certainly not an easy thing for Kartika Kasih. This girl from Batam also shares some tips about Dubai for Indonesian travelers who want to vacation there.

According to Kartika, the best time to visit Dubai is during winter because that’s when the air temperature is not too hot.

“Winter is the best time to visit Dubai, from December to February and maybe March. The temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius, so make sure you bring a jacket. It’s much better to go to the desert when the weather is a little cooler,” Kartika said, as quoted Monday, (11/4/2022).

About her favorite tourist attractions in Dubai, Kartika said there were several interesting ones. One of them is Al Seef and Madinat Jumeirah.

Al Seef in DubaiAl Seef in Dubai Photo: (Bonauli/detikcom)

“I love Al Seef. Al Seef is a little corner on the river that takes visitors back in time. I did a staycation at Al Seef for a few nights and want to come back again. I believe that visitors from Indonesia and other countries will enjoy this location!” Kartika added.

“If you enjoy Al Seef, you will also love Madinat Jumeirah. Both are similar, but Madinat Jumeirah is more grand and luxurious, with views of the famous Burj al Arab hotel,” he said again.

To choose a flight to Dubai, Kartika also has recommendations. This Batak girl prefers to fly at night and arrive in Dubai in the morning.

“Emirates operates two flights to the UAE. Both are night flights, but one arrives in Dubai before midnight and the other arrives earlier in the morning. My personal preference is a flight that arrives in Dubai early in the morning so you can enjoy the day.” You are the best you can be,” Kartika said giving a leak.

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