Encourage Muslim-Friendly Tourism, Kemenparekraf Launches Travel Guidebook


To intensify the development of Muslim-friendly tourism, the government has launched a Muslim-friendly tourist guidebook to help tourists and local governments.

Indonesia is targeting to be ranked first in the Global Muslim Traveler Index 2023. To achieve this, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) collaborates with various parties.

The focus of development carried out by the government is to improve services or supporting facilities for Muslim-friendly tourism. One of the efforts made to encourage this is by publishing a Muslim-friendly tourism guide book.

“Our policy regarding halal tourism is oriented towards adding services. So we focus on the last 18 months, we must join hands to be ranked first. We publish a Muslim Friendly Tourism Guidebook in 5 Favorite Destinations,” said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno in his remarks at the Islamic Digital event. Day 2022, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

This book was launched in physical form as well as an e-book. As the title suggests, this book contains information that can guide tourists in Indonesia’s 5 super priority destinations, namely Lake Toba, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, Mandalika, and Likupang.

Discussion about the development of Muslim-friendly tourism in the Islamic Digital Day 2022 event.The launch of the Muslim Friendly Tourism Guidebook for the 2022 Islamic Digital Day. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

“In general, this book contains the attraction of each of these destinations, then what activities can be done, then what culinary delights are excellent, including the souvenirs. Then what makes it different from other books, there are facilities or amenities. Here we will mention what Muslim-friendly tourist facilities are,” said Senior Consultant Amicale Lifestyle International Hafizuddin Ahmad when presenting this book on the same occasion.

It is hoped that with this book, Muslim tourists who visit can be helped by presenting the information contained in the book. Not only information related to tourist objects, but also other supporting facilities.

“We are launching a Muslim-friendly tourism guidebook in 5 favorite or super priority destinations. We want Muslim tourists, both local and international, to come to these destinations and then they will be guided. Guided, where to get halal food, how are the facilities?” worship that is there when they are traveling, and also of course looking for good lodging and all kinds of things,” said the Director of the Halal Product Industry KNEKS Afdhal Aliasar.

Even so, Hafizuddin Ahmad revealed that this book was made with on desk research or research conducted without a direct survey to the location. So in terms of the facilities displayed may not be too complete.

“So in terms of attractiveness, we can’t tell about the facilities because we haven’t visited yet,” he said.

In addition to helping tourists with the information provided, this guidebook is also one of the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to encourage local governments to develop Muslim-friendly tourism.

“This is not to guide tourists, this book provides information on how tourists can get services to meet their needs as a Muslim. We hope the local government sees this, oh, it turns out that we only have five halal restaurants, how can we encourage more. So we are actually also part of encouraging local governments to further improve,” said Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers Rizki Handayani to the media.

Afdhal Aliasar said the same thing. He hopes that with this guidebook, various destinations in Indonesia can be moved to complete their facilities. Especially the supporting facilities for Muslim-friendly tourism.

“We want to encourage destinations in Indonesia to be able to improve their extended services. Welcoming guests from both local and international tourists,” he said.

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