Fabio Quartararo Sentenced to Long Lap Penalty, Aleix Espargaro Defends


Aprilia rider, Aleix Espargaro, disagreed with Fabio Quartararo getting a long lap penalty at the 2022 British MotoGP. According to Aleix, there are other riders who are more aggressive than the Monster Energy Yamaha rider, but they did not get the same punishment.

For information, Quartararo was sentenced to a long lap penalty for hitting Aleix’s motorbike in the Dutch MotoGP series. Quartararo fell, while Aleix, whose motorbike was off the track, was able to continue the race, and even managed to finish fourth.

The incident of Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargaro at the Dutch MotoGP Photo: (Twitter/MotoGP)

As a result of the incident, the MotoGP Stewards sentenced Quartararo to a long lap penalty. Riders from France and Yamaha had made a protest to the Stewards, but the punishment could not be suspended.

Instead of supporting the decision of the MotoGP Stewards, Aleix Espargaro as the closest competitor and the aggrieved party in the incident thought that Quartararo should be free from the punishment. Because there are some drivers who harm other racers, but can be free from sanctions.

“We have seen examples of riders who were even more aggressive than him (Quartararo) and were not penalized. If you are punished once and not the next time it is difficult for us to understand what to do. I think we will continue to race as usual, in an aggressive but correct way,” said Aleix quoted from Motosan.

On the other hand, Aleix will try to maximize this opportunity to finish in front of Quartararo. He predicts Quartararo will lose one second due to the long lap penalty.

“He will lose about a second during the long lap (long lap penalty) and obviously I will try to take advantage, I will try to get a lot of points on Sunday (7/8/2022),” continued Aleix.

But he also realized that Quartararo would not give up so easily. Moreover, Quartararo has the status as the defending champion at the Silverstone Circuit, England.

“Last year he was very fast here, so I don’t think it will be a big problem (for him).”

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