Features on Motorcycles That Make Long and Close Travels Comfortable


Motorcycles are one of the modes of transportation used by Indonesian people to travel. In addition to an affordable price, the motorbike has a body that makes it easy for users to maneuver so that fuel consumption is not too expensive.

Reporting from CNN Indonesia, based on wholesales data or distribution from factories to dealers on the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) website, sales in 2021 are 5,057,516 units. This figure is in line with the target previously set by AISI.

From this figure, it can be seen that public interest in motorbikes is still high. Moreover, the motorbike is equipped with features that make traveling near and far more comfortable, both in terms of sitting position, suspension performance and practicality in mobility.

With these features, it is possible to travel by motorbike to be more comfortable. Plus a motorbike that is equipped with first-class technology, of course, making it easier for users to travel.

Well, one of the motorbikes that has these convenience features is the Yamaha All New Nmax 155 Connected Series. Introduced for the first time in 2019, the latest generation of Nmax remains true to its DNA with a large body and still maintains the ergonomics triangle of driving.

This can be seen at least from the relaxed position of the legs, the long and wide seats, to the position of the handlebars that match the posture of Indonesian riders. So that this scooter user does not easily feel tired when they have to travel long distances.

The technology embedded in this motorbike is also no less sophisticated. This is thanks to the embedding of Yamaha Connect or Y-Connect, a connectivity feature that connects motorcycles with their users.

There are several functions of this feature such as notification of messages and incoming calls, monitoring the condition of the battery and engine oil, knowing the last parking location, checking fuel consumption, and knowing the ranking position in terms of mileage and eco riding.

Yamaha All New Nmax 155 Connected ABS also has a hidden feature, namely the lever located on the left grip handle. This lever can be used to control the control information on the multi-information display panel such as oil, v-belt, odometer, trip, and battery.

The comfort of the All New Nmax 155 Connected ABS is also increasingly different due to the use of a sub-tank or silencer tube on the rear suspension. The suspension can also be adjusted in 2 pre-load adjustment options.

As in the position after pre-loading in number 1, the suspension is softer and more comfortable when riding the motorcycle alone. When riding, the setting can be changed to number 2 for a harder suspension to avoid stuck or bottoming when passing through bumpy roads.

This motorbike is also equipped with dual channel ABS braking and Traction Control System. For the second feature, it functions to align the rotation of the front and rear wheels, so that the motorcycle has maximum traction and avoids slipping when accelerating on slippery road surfaces.

In the kitchen sector, the Yamaha All New Nmax 155 Connected Series is also equipped with a 155cc Bluecore engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology. The use of this engine produces a maximum power of 11.3 kW @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 13.9 Nm @ 6,500 rpm.

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