Fuel Rises Again, Members of Parliament: Don’t Forget Tourism Informal Workers!


The government has officially raised fuel prices. Member of the House of Representatives Commission X, Syamsul Luthfi asked the government not to forget the informal workers in the tourism sector.

Fuel prices have been hoisted up by the government last weekend. Pertalite is now priced at Rp 10,000 per liter, after previously only Rp 7,650 per liter.

As an economic cushion so that the impact does not spread, the government has prepared an aid of Rp 600 thousand for the poor and workers with an income of Rp 3.5 million and under.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission X in charge of the Education, Research, Sports and Tourism sectors, H Syamsul Luthfi requested that the assistance be immediately distributed by the government.

“This must be distributed immediately,” said Syamsul Luthfi or familiarly called Salut in his statement, Monday (5/9/2022).

Member of the House of Representatives Commission XSyamsul Luthfi, Member of the House of Representatives Commission X Photo: (doc. Special)

He also encouraged the relevant ministries to quickly complete various calculations, including distribution schemes, and targets for those in need.

“If it is possible to distribute it this week, why not? Don’t delay it,” urged the man who was elected from the NTB 2 electoral district.

Furthermore, Salut reminded that this aid really needs to be expanded to target recipients. For example, in tourism, there are informal sector workers who also need help.

“For example, guides, traveling souvenir sellers, to people who rent vehicles for tourists,” said the member of Commission X from the Nasdem party.

If you refer to a salary below Rp. 3.5 million, it means that they are entitled to receive it. However, as informal workers, it is likely that they will be difficult to register by the government.

“The problem is that they do not belong to the poor. So this vulnerable group cannot receive assistance,” said Salut.

The former deputy regent of East Lombok said the tourism sector should not go down again. The pandemic of the last two years has put a lot of pressure on them. Now tourism that is starting to rise must be properly maintained its growth.

“I ask the relevant ministries to pay close attention to informal workers to MSMEs in the tourism sector,” he concluded.

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