Fun, Yamaha Prepares 3 Hybrid Motor Variants


Yamaha is rumored to have patented 3 designs of their hybrid motorcycles, this step was taken as the UK’s exhaust emission regulations became more stringent, which stated that it is illegal to sell petrol or diesel vehicles by 2030.

Finally, Yamaha took a quick step, by patenting their hybrid motorcycle design, as quoted by MotorcycleNews. It was explained that Yamaha was the first manufacturer to introduce a hybrid motorcycle, they had exhibited their hybrid concept motorcycle since 2005, namely The Gen-Ryu which combines an R6 engine with an electric motor.

In addition, Yamaha also introduced a concept hybrid scooter called the HV-01, which also carries the same idea as The Gen-Ryu combining an electric motor with a gasoline engine.

Yamaha Hybrid Photo: Pool (motorcyclenews/Yamaha)

Followed by other concept bikes, Yamaha introduced the Luxair hybrid concept bike in 2007, followed by the HV-X concept bike in 2009 which combines a single 250cc engine with an electric motor capable of spitting out 20 horsepower.

Now the three Yamaha concept bikes are now being filed for patents. However, one of the differences lies in the choice of scooter model which will now carry a smaller engine, namely a 125cc engine along with a battery that is tucked under the seat and an electric motor located on the swingarm.

However, it is quite regrettable that it is not explained when Yamaha will actually introduce it.

Yamaha HybridYamaha Hybrid Photo: Pool (motorcyclenews/Yamaha)

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