Great! CFW Surabaya Version Becomes Official Fashion Show


Previously, Surabaya followed the CFW trend by holding Tunjungan Fashion Week. Now the government is facilitating it so that this fashion show is held regularly.

When the Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) phenomenon spread to various cities, Surabaya became one of the cities that followed. At that time this activity was carried out on Jalan Tunjungan and was called Tunjungan Fashion Week.

This activity shocked the local community. It was even disbanded due to traffic jams.

Now fashion show the street is still running and is no longer held on the street. People can find activities fashion show This is the Youth Center.

To accommodate this activity, Balai Pemuda was fitted with a 40-meter red carpet. Catwalk area with red carpet There are two points, namely on the west (main) and south.

Because it has moved, its name is no longer Tunjungan Fashion Week, but changed to Mejeng Nang Suroboyo. Unlike the previous one which freed anyone to participate, in this activity those who wish to participate will be selected first.

There are 125 selected participants who can walk to the top red carpet. According to the organizers and also the General Chairperson of Cak and Ning Surabaya, Sereza Buana Febrian, the selection was carried out according to the direction of the Mayor so that the modes displayed remained according to the norm.

“125 participants, now screened. Not everyone. We have to screen, as suggestednotice Mr. Wali, who conforms to the norm. Ordinary citizens also joined. This accommodates what in Tunjungan Romansa was transferred here. Hopefully it really works,” said Sereza, Saturday (6/8/2022) as quoted by detikJatim.

Mejeng Nang Suroboyo’s fashion show is divided into three sessions. Each session lasts 1.5 hours. The first session started at 16.45 WIB on the south side of Balai Pemuda.

mejeng nang suroboyoMejeng Nang Suroboyo. (Esti Widiyana/detikJatim)

Sareza explained that participants fashion show Mejeng Nang Suroboyo comes from various circles. Starting from residents, model agencies, MSMEs, to the Surabaya City Government OPD.

“There are model agencies, some from the cooperative and trade offices, MSMEs related to fashion that are fostered by the city government, then there are also designers whose movements are at an international level,” he said.

Mejeng Nang Suroboyo is planned to be carried out regularly once a month. Not only at Balai Pemuda, later there will be street fashion show in different locations.

“We took several spots in the city of Surabaya, one of which was in the tourism sector,” he said.

It is hoped that with this activity, people with an interest in fashion and fashion can be facilitated without having to disturb public order and traffic.

This article has been published in detikJatim.

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