Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno, not even Ramadan is open at Saur Hours


Culinary in this solo is quite unique. Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno opens early in the morning. In fact, when not in the month of Ramadan.

Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno is located on Jalan Monginsidi 43, Banjarsari, Solo, Central Java. This gudeg with claws is located in the Margoyudan area, so it is not uncommon for this gudeg to be called gudeg Ceker Margoyudan.

The food stall, which has existed since the 1950s, opens at 01.30 WIB until 07.00 WIB. So, this gudeg claw is also a choice for the sahur menu in this month of Ramadan.

The combination of the slightly sweet and savory opor sauce and fried chili sauce add to the complete taste on the tongue. Not only that, the texture of the crackle or beef skin in the fried chili is soft and not sticky.

Processed claws are also tender and perfectly cooked. These claws do not need to bother biting because the meat on the chicken feet is easily peeled off by itself due to its doneness.

Wiranto (53), one of Mrs. Kasno’s sons, said that Mrs. Kasno’s gudeg claws started with her grandmother’s gudeg business, namely Mrs. Karto.

“Initially from 1951 Mbah Karto, first opened at 05.00-07.00 WIB, then, turning to Mrs. Kasno in the 1970s, it was proposed to be at 03.00-07.00 WIB, and before fasting went forward again to 01.30-07.00 until now,” said Wiranto when met at his shop last weekend.

Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno is suitable as a choice for sahur menu in SoloGudeg Ceker Bu Kasno is suitable as a choice for sahur menu in Solo (Ari Purnomo/detikcom)

Wiranto said the initiative to add the claw menu started from his mother in the 1970s. At that time, the gudeg menu that was sold was still in the form of fried chili gudeg, with additional chicken, eggs, or tofu.

“At that time a neighbor opened the slaughter of chicken, usually the claws and the head were thrown away. The mother asked for the claws and processed them into one of the menus,” he said.

He said that his mother’s gudeg preparations received a positive response from buyers. The gudeg claw menu has also become a boom and is known as one of the most sought-after culinary delights in Solo.

“After the boom, claws were no longer given, but had to be bought. And mother became a culinary pioneer with additional claws,” he recounted.

The menu offered at Bu Kasno’s stall is quite complete, there is rice and jenang lemu. Of course with gudeg vegetables added with fried chili sauce.

Buyers can choose the menu according to taste. There is a choice of the usual menu, namely, fried rice gudeg only, or added eggs, tofu, chicken.

“For the claws to become their own menu, for one claw the price is Rp. 4,000, usually customers ask for a portion, but they can also state the amount,” he said.

For those of you who want to taste the savory gudeg clawed by Mrs. Kasno, the price is quite pocket-friendly. Wiranto said that the usual gudeg rice menu with fried chili was sold for Rp. 10 thousand. Then if you add a side dish of tofu, it becomes Rp. 13 thousand, while if you add a side dish of eggs, it becomes Rp. 15 thousand.

“If you want an egg menu and know the price is IDR 18 thousand, chicken gudeg rice is IDR 20 thousand, chicken and tofu warm rice is IDR 23 thousand, chicken and egg warm rice is IDR 25 thousand, gudeg rice with eggs, tofu and chicken costs IDR 28 thousand, ” he said.

Wiranto said that it was the month of Ramadan and the gudeg stalls were quite busy. Many choose the sahur menu with gudeg clawed Margoyudan. He said the gudeg he sells is often bought as a meal for breakfast.

“At dawn like this it is quite crowded, especially now that many who are going home are getting busier. There is an increase of about 70 percent compared to before,” said Wiranto.


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