Handsome! Landing at Banyuwangi Airport, Bonus Views of 4 Mountains


There is something special when a traveler’s plane lands at Banyuwangi International Airport. In addition to unique buildings, a traveler can also see four mountains lined up dashingly.

Travel to Banyuwangi is made easier by the presence of flights from to the City of Gandrung. It was the first time I took a plane there, I was amazed by the beauty of the design of this airport.

Once off the plane, a traveler can see the airport building with a tropical concept. The lattice of the building uses ironwood. While the roof is overgrown with green plants that hang down, giving the impression of being in a forest.

With this tropical concept, Banyuwangi Airport is also energy efficient. They take advantage of natural winds as air conditioners. We didn’t find AC there, only a fan and wind blowing from the cracks of the building.

Banyuwangi International AirportBanyuwangi International Airport (Putu Intan/detikcom)

The airport’s interior design is also minimally bulky. The point is to ensure smooth air circulation and the entry of sunlight.

The atmosphere is more refreshing with the presence of a fish pond that functions to reduce air pressure, so that the room temperature remains cool. In the vicinity there are cafes that are suitable for hanging out.

But of all that, the most eye-catching is the view of four mountains, namely Mount Baluran, Mount Ijen, Mount Raung, and Mount Arjuna which can be seen from the airport waiting room. detik.com saw many people sitting on the 2nd floor of the airport just to enjoy the view of the mountains and planes taking passengers.

This is a separate tour that is cheap for the surrounding community. Moreover, in Banyuwangi there is also a tradition to take relatives to travel. The facilities on the 2nd floor are able to accommodate the needs of the community to carry out traditions while enjoying nature.

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