Here’s How to Drive the Right Motor Sport Fairing


Unlike when riding a scooter or motorcycle which tends to be relaxed, riding a sport fairing motorcycle requires special techniques. The main thing is to pay attention to the correct body position so that you can enjoy driving this type of motorbike with this sporty riding position.

As explained by Yamaha Riding Academy Yogyakarta in its official statement, there are some tips for the right body position when riding a sport fairing motorbike:

1. Get to know the character of the riding position so that the biker can adjust it when trying out the sport fairing motorcycle.

2. Although the type of motor sport and body position tends to be bent, the body is always tried to relax.

3. The position of the head facing forward so that the view remains broad, avoid looking down too much because it will make the view limited and it will be difficult if you go through a road with many bends.

4. Shoulders and hands adjust the position of the handlebars, keep your hands at the elbows. Avoid the straight hand position, this will make the control less than optimal, especially when cornering.

5. Hold the motorcycle handlebars firmly and relaxed, avoid being too strong and stiff this will make control more difficult.

6. The sitting position adjusts from the position of the hands and shoulders as well as the posture/height of the rider with the target still being relaxed.

7. Knee position holding the motorcycle tank/body, both when the track is straight and bends to maintain the balance of the motorcycle.

8. The position of the feet facing forward, avoid the open position. Also avoid always standing by on the brake/shift pedal, without being aware of the fear that your feet will always step on the brakes and the motor will brake.

With a different riding position from other types of motorbikes, it’s a good idea for sport fairing motor users to apply the body position correctly. This is important to note so that the rider will enjoy more when trying out his favorite sport fairing motorbike on the streets.