Hiii Scary, Fishermen in Kendal Like to Hear Gamelan Sounds in the Pantura Sea


The sea does hold many mysteries. Not infrequently things happen beyond reason that makes goosebumps goosebumps.

As experienced by Kusnadi (45). This fisherman from Gempolsewu Village, Kendal admitted that he often hears mystical sounds while at sea. Even sounds like crying and gamelan often appear during the day.

“Sometimes there is a kind of ghost sound. Suddenly there is the sound of ducks, the sound of gamelan too. Sometimes you can hear it during the day. It’s like music. What you often hear is gamelan, you hear people opening and closing doors. Sometimes there is also the sound of a baby crying. ,” he told the detikcom team recently.

Imam Syafii, one of the crew members who often accompanied Kusnadi, said the same thing. According to the priest, these mystical sounds are often associated with the Basil Tomb in Jungsemi Village, which is not far from the lips of the North Coast of Java (Pantura).

“The myth is in the area. The Kemangi Line. If the sea is the Kemangi Village straight, sometimes when you dive you hear something like gamelan, others. (Its location) from here (Gempolsewu Village) to the east. It’s not that far away. He’s famous for being haunted,” he explained. .

It is said that he said, continued Imam, that many migrants got lost when entering the area of ​​Jungsemi Village. Either because he didn’t know the direction of the village, he kept going back and forth on the same road. Or be misled by the jinn.

“He said that if people from outside the area passed through there, many were misled. Including those who heard the voices, in the sea in that area,” he said.

In addition to the Basil Tombs, Imam said that the North Java Sea also holds other mysteries. One of them is related to Dewi Lanjar. If Nyi Roro Kidul controls the South Sea, then the figure of Dewi Lanjar herself is considered the ruler of the North Coast of Java.

“There is also a Pantura Beach. The ruler is Dewi Lanjar, the center is in Pemalang or Pekalongan. But here it is not as extreme as the South Sea,” he said.

According to legend, in the past there lived a princess named Dewi Rara Kuning. She had become a widow at a young age because her husband died shortly after getting married. This is what makes Dewi Rara known as Dewi Lanjar. This means that women who are divorced and do not have children.

According to the priest, the mystical voice is often associated with the Basil Tomb in Jungsemi Village, which is not far from the lips of the Pantura. Photo: Andhika Prasetia/detikcom

The name Dewi Lanjar is also often associated with the missing child incident in the North Sea of ​​Java. It is said that if a child is lost while playing on the beach, local people believe he was brought by Dewi Lanjar.

On the other hand, Imam explained that when they heard strange sounds while in the ocean, fishermen usually immediately went to find another spot to spread their nets. Because they are afraid that something bad will happen.

Imam revealed, every day they start going to sea from morning until noon. In a day at least 10 kg of fish are caught and then sold and the results are divided among other fishermen.

“If the fisherman departs from 3 a.m., some at dawn, depending on what time. Then he goes out to sea looking for fish, his return is uncertain, sometimes it can be in the afternoon, in the afternoon, sometimes it can be at night depending on income. kg can be a day. Taken home later sold to middlemen, “he said.

From the sale of these fish, he claimed to be able to pocket up to Rp 600 thousand. However, there are times when the catch of fish is small so they only get Rp. 20 thousand in a day.

“The income is for example selling Rp. 600 thousand, first cutting supplies like diesel, the remaining Rp. 500 thousand is divided, if 3 people depart, it is divided by 5, the person gets 1 share, the ship gets 2 parts. So, Rp. 100 thousand for one person. 300 thousand, sometimes it’s more. Sometimes it’s Rp. 20 thousand,” he explained.

Imam said that in shopping for ship equipment, such as diesel and nets, he applied for an Ultra Micro (UMi) loan from BRI. According to him, the assistance was quite helpful because it was disbursed quickly and the interest was quite low.

“Initially, I borrowed Rp. 1 million if I’m not mistaken around May 2021. The first one I borrowed from the brilink agent, then I borrowed another Rp. 1 million for capital. Previously I had never borrowed, that’s all. If the loan was mainly to increase fisherman’s capital , buy nets, buy diesel, and other equipment,” he said.

“It’s very helpful because the process is easy, the interest is not big. Anyway, it’s very affordable,” he concluded.

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