Honda CB150X Praised by Yamaha Boss, but…


Honda has introduced the CB150X in the sport adventure market. Its competitor, Yamaha immediately responded positively.

Minoru Morimoto, President Director & CEO of PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) responded to the motorbike by praising it.

“It’s a nice bike,” Minoru responded when met at the Sentul Circuit, Bogor, West Java, Thursday (16/12/2021).

Minoru is confident that in the adventure segment, he already has a flagship product through the Yamaha WR 155 R.

“Yamaha has the WR155R, and it’s a good product, so we are more concerned with that model,” continued Minoru.

As is known, the CB150X is an adventure sport motorbike that uses the base of the CB150R. In addition, the CB150X also has a large shroud shape that blends into the beak and headlamp, and is equipped with a windshield to protect the rider from the wind.

With a variety of accessories, it is suitable to accommodate touring lovers. But Yamaha is not tempted to give birth to products like competitors?

“Yes, we’ll see what kind of competitors,” said Manager of Public Relations, YRA and Community PT YIMM, Antonius Widiantoro.

Furthermore, Anton said, Yamaha is still confident with products in the 150 cc class, especially sports. This is because the product segmentation is fairly broad, starting from the MT-15, Vixion, XSR and WR155R.

“Competitors see an opportunity, maybe they see an opportunity there so that releasing the product is no problem,” said Anton at the same location.

“We are confident with what we have issued in terms of consumer demand, and also want to complete the line up of adventure, retro, fairing, MT, because there are still naked ones like Vixion who like and are interested, so we are still supplying it to consumers,” he said.

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