How Not Extinct? Body parts of rare animals continue to be smuggled

Port Klang

Since the first rare animal hunting continues. Their body parts are like trophies that are constantly being fought over, until now the number of animals is threatened with extinction.

Malaysian customs officials have confiscated parts of endangered animals worth USD 18 million or around Rp 269 billion. At that time the authorities found illegal cargo in Port Klang, Malaysia’s west coast.

The body parts of rare animals are hidden in containers along with wood. The shipment is thought to have come from Africa.

Once opened, they found elephant tusks weighing 6,000 kg and being the largest ever found in Malaysia.

There were also 29 kg of rhino horn, 100 kg of pangolin scales and 300 kg of other animal skulls and bones.

Contraband ivory found in MalaysiaContraband ivory found in Malaysia Photo: (AFP)

“Malaysia is not the final destination for shipments,” said Zazuli Johan, head of the customs department, as quoted from AFP.

Body parts such as tusks and pangolin scales are very popular in traditional Chinese and Vietnamese medicine. So there are estimates that this contraband will be sent there.

“This mix of threatened species in one seizure is worrying, and certainly confirms suspicions that criminals continue to use Malaysian ports to move contraband wildlife,” said Kanitha Krishnasamy, Southeast Asia director at the wildlife trade monitoring group.

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