How to Take Care of Motorcycle Wheels, Do These 4 Tips


Wheels are one of the important components on motorcycles that are directly related to the driving comfort factor. However, not infrequently motorcycle owners ignore the condition of the wheels. Here are 4 tips that bikers can do to care for motorcycle wheels.

For the record, there are 2 types of wheels that are often used on motorcycles, namely Casting Wheels which are commonly called racing wheels and Spoke Wheel wheels (spoke wheels).

“Consumers need to pay attention to wheel care so that they continue to function properly so that they support motorized activities. For that we provide some tips that consumers can follow and we hope that they can help in carrying out their driving activities,” said Muslian, After Sales Manager of Main Dealer Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers, in his official statement.

Here are 4 tips for caring for motorcycle wheels:

1. Make sure the wheels are clean

Get in the habit of cleaning the wheels thoroughly, especially when exposed to rain or when passing through puddles. Because the cleaner, the more protected the wheels from rust which can accelerate damage to the wheels.

2. Tire air pressure

Tire air pressure is quite influential on the function and durability of the wheels. The lower the air pressure in the tires, the greater the chance of damage to the rims due to frequent collisions with rocks or potholes in the road.

3. Make sure the tires and wheels are the right size

As we know, many motorcycle lovers modify their motorbikes, including the tires and wheels. But still pay attention to comfort when driving on the road. For example, do not use tires that exceed the diameter of the wheels. Because it can affect tire maneuverability and reduce wheel balance. Choose the original factory output wheels, as well as branded or good quality wheels.

4. Avoid damaged roads or potholes

The more often the motor passes through damaged or potholes, the wheels will be more tormented. This will not only have an impact on the air pressure which will be reduced, but can also damage the integrity of the wheels and outer tires.

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