Indonesia Will Trial Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter, Join Europe and Japan


Yamaha Motor started their electrification program by introducing an electric scooter, the Yamaha E01, in Europe in mid-March 2022. The E01 electric scooter is currently still a concept product and will continue to be researched and developed by Japan involving several countries. The good news is that Indonesia is one of the countries involved in the development of this electric scooter.

For information, the E01 electric scooter is Yamaha’s Proof of Concept (PoC) program which is planned to start in July 2022. Apart from Europe and Japan, other countries involved in this project are Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Indonesia through PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

Proof of Concept (PoC) Planner for Yamaha Motor, Nomura Yasushi said, testing the E01 electric scooter in 6 different countries was deliberately carried out in order to find out various inputs, considering that each test area has different characteristics, both in terms of weather conditions, roads, including driving habits.

“This is technology for the future and we want to get direct feedback from our customers. We plan to conduct PLC (Programable Logic Controller) tests in 6 countries and regions. We are conducting PLC tests in Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Nomura at the Yamaha Motor E01 Product Briefing virtually, Thursday (21/4/2022).

Nomura continued, adding that in this PLC test, the performance of the battery will be tested, how it is used, as well as the effect of temperature or weather on the battery.

Yamaha E01 Photo: Luthfi Anshori/ detikOto

“For example, the climate of Thailand and Indonesia is tropical, Taiwan is subtropical and the climate in Japan and Europe is moderate. By conducting PLC testing in different climates, our research can be more in-depth,” he said.

“We also try to test the driving conditions in each country. For example in Europe and Malaysia, vehicles (E01 scooters) can be driven quickly on express (toll) lanes. Then in Indonesia, Thailand and Japan, people here travel a lot, especially within cities, but also across cities. Then in Taiwan (research is being carried out) to exchange batteries and charging stations (electric vehicle batteries),” added Nomura.

Indonesia itself through PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) has introduced the Yamaha E01 electric scooter at the 2022 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid exhibition. But like in Europe, the E01 electric scooter on display at the Yamaha booth is still just a concept product.

However, the scooter is equipped with a number of legal driving devices, such as a lighting system, mirrors, and even a license plate holder.