Is this a Candidate for Honda’s New Retro Scooter, a challenger to Yamaha Fazzio?


On social media, leaked photos have emerged of the alleged candidate for Honda’s newest retro scooter. If you look at the design, Honda’s latest retro scooter carries a European-style scooter style. Is it suitable to fight the Yamaha Fazzio which has just launched in Indonesia?

Yes, as seen in the photo uploaded to the Vanhoe Rage Facebook account (7/1/2022), featuring a retro scooter that is said to be made by Honda. This scooter has an all-round, elegant design, and minimal aggressive bending.

Prospective Honda’s new retro scooter to be made in China Photo: Greatbiker

In one of the uploaded photos there is also a kind of leak regarding the specifications of this motorbike. Among other things, this retro Honda scooter is a motorcycle specifically made in the Chinese market by Xindazhou Honda Motorcycle based in Taicang, Jiangsu.

Then for the specifications, this scooter will have dimensions of 1,763 mm in length, 676 mm in width, 1,092 in height, and a dry weight of 110 kg. This motorbike is equipped with 12-inch alloy wheels with tire profiles of 90/90 at the front and 100/90 at the rear.

Honda’s new retro scooter candidate is equipped with round LED headlights and rounded rear view mirrors, a full digital instrument screen panel, CBS brakes, and the Honda Smart Key aka keyless contact system.

Prospective Honda's new retro scooter to be made in ChinaProspective Honda’s new retro scooter to be made in China Photo: Greatbiker

Then through leaked photos that circulated recently, the scooter was confirmed to have a horseshoe-shaped brake light design, and a tilted turn signal design.

It is not known for sure what engine will be used by the scooter. But if the goal is to challenge Yamaha Fazzio, the scooter must be equipped with a 125cc engine, 1-cylinder, and a fuel injection system. Because the Fazzio engine already uses a hybrid, Honda’s newest retro scooter candidate should also be equipped with a hybrid technology engine.