Jeep Takes Tourists to Free Fall into Bromo Gorge, 2 People Died


The dream of five tourists from Ngawi to see the beauty of the sunrise in the Penanjakan area, Mount Bromo tourism has disappeared. The Jeep he was riding in fell into a ravine. This incident left two people dead and four others injured.

Tosari sub-district head Edy Priyanto said the jeep was carrying six people. Namely one driver and five tourists from Ngawi. All passengers are male.

“The driver and one passenger died. Now they are still at the health center,” said Edy, Saturday (10/9/2022).

Evacuation jeep plunges into the ravine of Mount Bromo areaEvacuation jeep plunges into the abyss of Mount Bromo Photo: Documentation of local residents

Edy explained that the fateful jeep departed from the Sukapura area, Probolinggo to Penanjakan Hill, Tosari, Pasuruan, Saturday (10/9/2022) early in the morning. At around 01.30 WIB, while crossing a bend in the Bukit Cinta area, the jeep fell into a ravine.

“The jeep entered from Probolinggo, departed for Penanjakan. At around 01.30 WIB, at the second corner of Bukit Cinta, the jeep plunged into a ravine,” said Edy.

As a result, two people died and four others were injured. All victims have been evacuated and taken to the health center, while the jeep is still at the bottom of the ravine.

“Currently the victim is at the Tosari Health Center,” explained Edy.

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