Ketupat Ketupat Typical Sumatran Fluffy and Savory, Special Serving Hari Raya


Fluffy and savory sticky rice ketupat is a special dish for Eid. This Sumatran dish can be eaten with meat curry or sticky rice tape. Yummy fluffy!

In addition to having various forms of skin or wrap, the diamond generally filled with rice. After being boiled, it becomes soft and fluffy and then eaten with various side dishes. Each region has a different and delicious side dish.

If in the Java area, ketupat is always served with savory vegetables, chayote, chicken opor, chili fried potatoes or shrimp or chicken liver. Plus a sprinkling of serundeng and crackers, so it’s a delicious dish.

Meanwhile in West Sumatra, Minang people usually enjoy ketupat with cubak curry, nail curry with beef rendang and egg balado as a side dish. The variety of side dishes varies greatly depending on the region.

This is the Law of Eating Durian and Glutinous Tape in Islam According to Ustaz Khalid BasalamahTape black sticky rice friends eat ketupat ketan. Photo: iStock

In North Sumatra, usually ketupat is eaten with savory Medan vegetables seasoned with tauco, with side dishes of beef rendang, egg balado to dry potatoes and tempeh.

Besides being filled with rice, in West Sumatra, ketupat is filled with glutinous rice, black sticky rice or white sticky rice. The shape of the ketupat skin is smaller, cooked with coconut milk so that the savory blondo lumps wrap this sticky rice ketupat.

The diamond Besides being eaten with curry, this sticky rice or valve is also eaten with black sticky rice tape. This legit, juicy fermented black sticky rice is perfect for eating with soft and savory sticky rice.

In North Sumatra, sticky rice ketupat is cooked with a rather large ketupat skin. Eaten with goat korma curry. The fluffier and legit taste is suitable to be eaten with the savory and spicy curry sauce.

If you want to make your own, you can prepare a rather small ketupat skin. You can see how to make it and the tips in this Ketupat Sticky Rice Recipe.

To make it soft, boil it the diamond sticky rice with plain water until half cooked. After that, just boil it with thick coconut milk until the ketupat is cooked with a lump of coconut milk attached to the ketupat.

After it cools down, the sticky rice is delicious eaten with black sticky rice tape. Black sticky rice tape can be purchased ready-to-eat in the market or online stores. This sticky rice ketupat can be an option during family gatherings on Eid al-Fitr.

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