Limited Stock! Yamaha QBIX CBU Motorcycle Ready Stock in Jakarta


Since it was reported that it could be ordered on August 17, 2021, CBU motorcycle lovers were immediately excited to welcome the arrival of the Yamaha QBIX to Indonesia. But now you don’t have to wait long to get this unique style of automatic motorbike, because Safari Motor still has remaining stock that can be taken home by enthusiasts.

The price of the Yamaha QBIX that entered the CBU through Safari Motor is still the same as the price that was leaked at its launch in August 2021. Safari Motor sells this motorbike at a price of Rp. 100 million in off the road status.

“Approximately five (units) still exist, uncle,” said Kamal Firhan, owner of Safari Motor to detikOto, Friday (29/10/21).

Kamal added, if you want to propose to this motorbike in on the road status, aka including tax costs and also the completeness of the documents, the buyer only needs to add a fee of around Rp. 10 million.

“It can be helped, for paperwork. (Estimated time) More or less, like a CBU motorcycle, about 6-7 months,” said Kamal explaining that Safari Motor can also help arrange Yamaha QBIX letters that enter Indonesia.

Yamaha QBIX Safari Motor Photo: Special/Safari Motor

Yamaha QBIX has never officially entered Indonesia. Safari Motor even said that the process of entering the Yamaha QBIX into Indonesia has been carried out since 2013. “Finally, what lovers of two-wheeled vehicles have been waiting for has arrived. The theme is really the atmosphere of independence. The Yamaha QBIX that is included is red, white and red. “said Kamal Firhan, owner of Safari Motor to detikOto, Monday (16/8/21).

Safari Motor, which sells this Yamaha QBIX, is located at Jalan Raden Saleh No. 10A Karang Mulya, Karang Tengah, Tangerang, Banten.

The Yamaha QBIX introduced to Indonesia by Safari Motor is the S version, not the Standard or ABS. On paper, this Yamaha QBIX specification uses a 125 cc SOHC engine, 2 valves and air conditioning.