Maudy Ayunda Vacations in Bali, Resort Rates for Rent Are Not Playing


Maudy Ayunda uploaded her holiday activities in Bali. It turned out that the resort where he was staying was not kidding, the cheapest price was almost double the UMR!

After spending the holidays in South Korea, Maudy Ayunda’s journey seems unfinished. Through his Instagram account @maudyayunda, recently Maudy Ayunda shared his activities while in Bali.

Based on his upload, it seems Maudy is in Bali for a vacation as well as attending a series of G20 activities. On the sidelines of uploading the G20 agenda, Maudy also uploaded the activities he did while on vacation.

In two of his uploads, Maudy seemed to enjoy the natural treats around the place where he was staying. She was seen hiking in the open with her husband, Jesse Choi.

Maudy AyundaMaudy Ayunda with her husband while in Bali. Photo: Instagram @maudyayunda

In addition, he was also seen enjoying various culinary offerings and performances presented by his resort. Then in the next upload, it looks like he is taking part in pilates and yoga sessions while being surrounded by very green natural scenery.

“A few refreshing days at @comoshambhalaestate with an integrated wellness program consisting of healthy eating, yoga, pilates, hiking and more. 😍” Maudy wrote in English in the caption of her upload.

In both uploads, he also pinned the location of the resort where he was staying, namely COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali. After the detikTravel team investigated, this resort is located in Banjar Begawan, Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

According to information from the official website, this resort does offer a place to rest that combines holistic health. In accordance with the tranquility and beauty of the scenery displayed by Maudy’s upload, the cost of staying at this resort is no joke.

The cheapest rooms at this resort are priced starting from IDR 7.5 million per night. During high season or at certain times this cheapest price can increase to IDR 8.1 million per night. Meanwhile, for a one-bedroom villa or villa with 1 room, the price per night can reach IDR 17.5 million.

For travelers like Maudy Ayunda, of course, this price range is a reasonable price. Given this resort is not only a place to stay. But it also offers a variety of healthy activities with a fresh and green Balinese natural atmosphere.

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