Men’s Action to Record Caucasian Buttocks Performed at Berawa Beach


Viral on social media is the action of a man who is desperate to record the buttocks of foreign tourists on the beach of Bali. After being traced, the location is in Berawa Beach.

In the video that circulated, a female Caucasian was seen who was angry and immediately took the father’s cellphone. While the father did not accept his cellphone was taken and then chased the Caucasian.

Despite his plea, the Caucasians still confiscated the cellphone that had been misused to record his body parts. This incident has angered netizens. The reason is, the harassment committed against Caucasians is very disturbing and embarrassing.

Berawa Beach BaliBerawa Beach Bali. Photo: Kurnia/detikTravel

Until now there has been no official statement from local authorities regarding the incident. The location is not explicitly stated. trying to locate the scene using the Google Lens app. From the video circulating, took a screenshot of the object that stood out from the location, namely a two-story building with thatched roofs and bamboo poles.

After matching the object with a search via Google searches, including Google Maps and Google Street View, the location is Berawa Beach. The object of the building itself is known as the Finns Beach Club.

Berawa Beach BaliBerawa Beach Bali. Photo: Kurnia/detikTravel

Berawa Beach is located in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. This beach is adjacent to Canggu Beach, Batu Belig Beach to Petitenget Beach.

To reach Berawa Beach is quite easy. Travelers can use four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles from Denpasar City. The distance is about 20 minutes.

This beach is often a location for Caucasians to relax. The atmosphere is quiet and seems more private to make them feel at home there.

Usually they will walk there with the pet dog. Another activity that is also often done is surfing.

Berawa Beach BaliBerawa Beach Bali. Photo: Kurnia/detikTravel

The afternoon is the best moment to be at Berawa Beach. It’s because of the beautiful sunset view.

Judging from the video circulating, the incident of harassment against foreign tourists occurred in the afternoon. This harassment is really unfortunate considering that the purpose of people coming to Berawa Beach is of course to have fun but have to experience unpleasant events.

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