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South Tangerang has many choices of tourist attractions. This one has a variety of play areas, perfect for a family vacation.

Her name is Lubana Sengkol, her address is Jln Lingkar Selatan 1, RW.5, Muncul, Kec. Setu, South Tangerang City.

Initially, this area was a fishing area which has grown into a restaurant that has an outbound area and rides that families can enjoy.

For fishing, there are two options provided by Lubana Sengkol. The first is the kiloan system, where you can fish for consumption fish that can be cooked in restaurants or taken home. The second is Monster fish, which is a catch and release system, the goal is to get adrenaline.

“We provide fishing rods for rent at a price of Rp. 30 thousand. That includes bait which can be used as much as you want. We will weigh the caught fish later, and the price per kilo starts at Rp. 45 thousand. Visitors can choose to bring it alive, cleaned or cooked. ,” said Agus Wahyudi, Lubana Sengkol’s management team.

Lubana Sengkol is divided into 3 areas, namely the restaurant area, the Monster Fish area and the outbound area. In this restaurant area a traveler can eat in the poolside huts while fishing too. There is no charge for using the saung.

“We don’t charge for the use of the saung. But we recommend making a reservation beforehand because, especially on weekends the visitors are very crowded. And we divide it into two sessions, the first session at 09.00-14.00 WIB and the second session 14.00-20.00 WIB,” said Agus.

Lubana Sengkol in South TangerangLubana Sengkol in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

“To be able to enter here you need to buy a ticket for IDR 10 thousand per person. Later the ticket can be exchanged for 1 cup soft drink inside,” he added.

Inside the restaurant area, not only fishing can be done. Also there water park for children and play ground, you know. To play in water park, you only need to pay Rp 20 thousand per child. While in the play area there is a balloon palace, a magnetic sand area, a painting area with rental prices starting from Rp. 15 thousand.

Can you imagine activities that a traveler can do? Adults can fish and children are free to play in water park and pbackgrounds. After tired and hungry, eat a variety of dishes here.

Talking about food, there are many choices that a traveler can choose. Starting from processed freshwater fish, seafood, pecak, various drinks and others. The price is also family-friendly.

Outbound areas and activities to do

There is no fee to enter the outbound area. However, if a traveler wants to try the rides, then a fee will be charged.

In the outbound area, a traveler can have fun with the flying fox by paying Rp. 35 thousand. You can also ride horses at a cost of Rp. 20 thousand. You can also do archery, canoeing, and take pictures in spots instagrammable there.

“In this 2-hectare outbound area, we also accept weddings, the rental price is Rp. 14 million,” said Agus.

Lubana Sengkol in South TangerangLubana Sengkol in South Tangerang Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Detikcom’s monitoring at the location, on weekends very crowded visitors who come here. Not only cars, there are also tourist buses parked. Fortunately, the parking area at Lubana Sengkol is quite spacious.

For facilities, here there are toilets, rinse rooms, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, parking, fishing rod rental, huts. Agus also revealed that they have a Hajj Munasik area.

“There is also a Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage vehicle here for training at the school level, adults and companies who want to learn Hajj and Umrah,” he concluded.

For those of you who like photo hunting, this place is also ‘contentable’, you know. Many photo spots can be found in all areas of Lubana Sengkol. Well, this can be a choice for a trip with the family for the weekend.

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