Motorcycle Submerged in Flood, Don’t Panic This is how to treat it


The tidal flood or tidal floods hit Semarang and other cities along the North Coast of Central Java. Not only causing casualties, material casualties are also experienced by the people who are affected by the disaster. Now for people who have experienced a motorcycle accident that was submerged by the tidal flood, don’t worry, Yamaha is trying to reduce the burden on the community by providing free service and free oil.

In the official release received by detikOto, Yamaha DDS 3 Semarang provides the best service for its customers by providing free service and oil.

“We are sorry for all the people affected by the tidal flood. And as one of our concerns, Yamaha DDS 3 Semarang provides free service and free oil changes to Yamaha consumers,” explained Yamaha DDS 3 Semarang Service Coordinator, Tri Cahyo Pramono.

“For this reason, we are present at the Tanjung Mas Urban Village, Semarang on 27-28 May 2022 to help people whose motorbikes are flooded. Not only the Yamaha brand, but all motorbikes we help,” Tri added.

In addition to providing free service and checking, Yamaha Semarang also provides tips or motorcycle maintenance after being submerged in a flood, namely:

Yamaha DDS 3 Semarang holds free service and oil for tidal flood victims. Photo: Pool (Yamaha Semarang)

* Clean Motor

Make sure to wash the motorcycle again with clean water with soap. This is to avoid corrosion or rust due to corrosive sea water.

* Check Motor Electrical / Cable Line.

Detikers are reminded not to immediately turn on the main switch or ignition. Make sure the wiring line or fuse housing is dry and clean of dirt or rust.

* Change Engine Oil and Axle Oil.

Changes to engine oil and axle oil are carried out after being contaminated with water, if necessary, over-houle the machine to clean the inside of the machine.

* Check Air Filter.

Check the air filter, and if it is submerged, replace the air filter with a new one.

* Check Spark Plugs and Close Spark Plugs

Replace spark plugs and make sure the spark plug cob is dry so as to prevent ignition leakage.

* Do not immediately turn on the engine

Do not immediately start the engine, make sure there is no water in the engine. The worst thing that happens is a water hammer which can damage the engine.

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