Moving to this Italian Village Paid IDR 221 Million, Cash!


Italy is again paying people to move to its rural areas. The depopulation that occurred left Italy with no other choice.

This time the village offered is on the Mediterranean Island, Sardinia. This island, located west of mainland Italy, is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily.

Reporting from the Mirror, the government of the island of Sardinia has announced that it will offer a grant of Euro 15,000 or IDR 221 million to anyone who moves there.

The Sardinian government has set aside a budget of up to £38 million. The goal is none other than fighting depopulation in Sardinia.

The conditions are easy, a traveler only needs to choose a house location in a municipality with a population of less than 3,000 residents. Then, the grant funds must be used to buy or renovate the property.

“Thank you to those who bought their first houses here. This strengthens and becomes fertile ground for those who will move there or decide to start a family,” said Sardinian President Christian Solinas.

SardiniaSardinia Photo: (Visit Sardinia/Facebook)

This policy encouraged people to buy their first home in rural Italy. Thus increasing the economy and depopulation of the island.

“There can be no growth without a real increase in the regions, hinterlands and the most disadvantaged regions, which will have to go through new policies for their repopulation.”

Last month, the Italian government just decided to provide an allowance of 200 euros to seasonal and domestic workers. The move is expected to attract more third-country nationals to help ease the labor shortage in Italy.

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